Hi, I'm Anusha!
I'm a food photographer (in Surrey and South West London, UK), a blogger and I'm just totally passionate about food really - creating recipes and more importantly, showing food in all its glory!
My journey into food photography has not been straightforward. I've had careers in finance, teaching maths and healthcare. But the one constant has been food - I'm self taught both as a cook and a photographer but my love of maths has actually really helped in this career!
Maths is essentially just patterns and sequences - very similar to photography - composition using fibonacci, inverted triangles, L-shaped, grids....the list goes on. I take inspiration from all walks of life - food, nature, travel and it is the amalgamation of these two loves that contributes to the images I create. 
As for the technical elements of photography and getting to grips with a camera -  F-stops, shutter speed, etc... are also easier to comprehend if you have an understanding of the maths behind them. Hurrah!
What can I say - I'm super chuffed to be in food photography and I hope you can see this in my portfolio images. I'd love to work with you to create some irresistible imagery for your brand!
I look forward to working with you!
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